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“I made an appointment to see Jody at a time when I had reached physical and emotional exhaustion. At the time I felt like my problems were overwhelming, I was suffering terribly from low energy levels, high levels of anxiety and stress and acne which I have suffered with for 7yrs. ”

Kellie Deakin
Beachlands, Auckland

Herbal Medicine

Aviva Natural Health only uses the best quality herbs available, and prides itself on the effects and the presentation of her Tonic's.

Jody has used the same brand of herbs for the past few years and has seen profound effects on her clients health and wellbeing many times over.

Some herbal tonics available through Aviva Natural Health whilst under Jody's professional care.

Exhaustion and Low Energy Tonic
Metobolism Tonic
Hormonal/Female Tonic
Allergy Tonic
Digestion Tonic
Gastro Intestional Tonic
Joint Pain Tonic
Nerve Pain Tonic
Skin Conditions Tonic
Immune Tonic
Cold's and Flu Tonic
Natural Antibiotic Tonic
Male Tonic
Male Tonic
Sleep and Insomnia Tonic
Absorption Tonic
Mineral Enriched Tonic
Blood Cleansing Tonic
Liver and Kidney Detoxification Tonic
Emotional/Stress Tonic
Heavy Toxin Tonic (great for any one
working in the mines or with chemicals)
Concentration Tonic
Migraine and Headache Tonic
Respiratory Tonic
Parasite Cleanser

And so much more!!!

Isn't it time you got serious about your health, it is the most important thing to get right. So take your health, sit down and examine it closely as you would your finances or a buying a new house or car. These are very important things in our lives but we must have our health first and for most before anything else.

Once you have examined your health and decide it is time you made some positive changes give Jody at Aviva Natural Health a call.

Aviva Natural Health

Email: Jody@avivahealth.co.nz