What is Hollistic Counselling?

I first started seeing Jody as a counsellor in October 2006 for both myself and my two daughters aged 5 and 6, after my wife walked out on us.

My Children saw Jody on a regular basis, roughly every fortnight, and during these visits they built up a tremendous trust with her. Jody used drawing techniques with my children to try and ease their sense of abandonment they felt against their mother. I particularly liked the "thought box" Jody suggested my girls make and use to help them through that traumatic time of their lives.

I too saw Jody on many occasions for my own personal benefit and found that after every visit I came out feeling much better. I found Jody to have a special way with people, a gift that not a lot op people in life have.

Over the five month period we saw Jody, I noticed a dramatic improvement with my children, and I can honestly say that I believe this was largely due to their visits to Jody, something that I will remain eternally grateful to her for.

S C Brookes
WA 6069


I came to see Jody Nicholson as a counsellor in September 2006. I had broken up with/was on a break from my boyfriend of a year. We had separated because he has two children from a previous relationship, and I had never wanted children, be they my own or some else's. I also had alot of issues to do with my father, who was emotionally abusive to me right up until I severed contact with him when I was 21. ( I am now 29)

From our first session I warmed straight away to Jody. One of the issues we uncovered was that I never express my emotions or what I'm truly feeling. I was however always able to speak to Jody about whatever was on my mind, as she made me feel I was in a safe and non judgmental enviroment. She was able to pinpoint possible/true meanings of my thoughts and fears and showed me different points of view and possibilities that I had not considered previously.

As well as talking through my feelings on a concious level, we also had sessions of visualisation, particularly in relation to my 'inner child' Jody also reminded me of the importance of working with my inner child in my own time, not just relying on our one hour session every week. As such Jody relocated from Perth to New Zealand, I was empowered with new ways of thinking.

I am happy to report that my boyfriend and I are about to celebrate our 2nd anniversary, and I am much more comfortable with the idea of one day becoming a step-mum. I could not have reached this level of self-awareness and healing without Jody's expertise and knowledge. She is a truly gifted healer and wonderful human being, who is perfect for the role of counsellor and emotional healer.

L Taylor
Perth, Western Australia

I went to Jody approximately 2 years ago, when I met Jody I was a person who was walking around going through the motions and trying hard to live a happy life, but deep down I felt there was no hope for me or any of us, I was depressed , I had a sense of doom most of the time, I always saw the negative side of life, I even feared that the world would end, everytime my children talked about their future I felt sick as I was convinced that they would not have a future.  After many many sessions with Jody my life started to brighten, not only did I feel that my children had a future, I also could see a future for myself.  I now wake every morning with a feeling of joy and the expectation that something wonderful is going to happen, I have taken control of may life, I am making plans for the future, I have confidence, I love myself, I smile all the time and I am a pleasure to be around, some of my friends can't believe the difference in me and some dont talk to me anymore, because they are still depressed and my positive attitude annoys them, anyway enough about me.  Jody has changed my life and I will always be grateful for what she has given me, my life back.  I recommended her to a few of my friends, they also have had their lives changed for the better, we were very sad when she decided to go back to New Zealand and I know that she will keep on helping people.

Tania Weinman
Upper Swan
Western Australia

0407 447 804