What is Hollistic Counselling?
“I first started seeing Jody as a counsellor in October 2006 for both myself and my two daughters aged 5 and 6, after my wife walked out on us.

My Children saw Jody on a regular basis, roughly every fortnight, and during these visits they built up a tremendous trust with her. Jody used drawing techniques with my children to try and ease their sense of abandonment they felt against their mother. I particulary liked the "thought box" Jody suggested my girls make and use to help them through that traumatic time of their lives.”

S C Brookes

“ I came to see Jody Nicholson as a counsellor in September 2006. I had broken up with/was on a break from my boyfriend of a year. We had separated because he has two children from a previous relationship, and I had never wanted children, be they my own or some else's. I also had alot of issues to do with my father, who was emotionally abusive to me right up until I severed contact with him when I was 21”

L Taylor
Perth, Western Australia

What is Holistic Counselling?

Promoting Empowerment and Well-being for all Women/Men/Children

Holistic Counselling regards human problems as opportunities for growth and development and I see each client as a unique human being carrying within him or herself the archtypes of wellness, beauty, wholeness, truth and knowledge for their flourishing as a human being.

Holistic Counselling is based on a certain counselling model (anthroposophical) which incorporates the physical body, the subtle energy body or etheric, the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. I use the anthroposophical medical system for the diagnosis and management of counselling processes.

Holistic Counselling regards the client at all times as a whole human being who is a expert in his/her own experiences and who must define what he/shes is willing and ready to transform in his/her life.

Holistic Counselling will give you the tools to transform you into the person you want to be and feel, at times life pressures get so overwhelming by being a parent a mother, father a daughter all the different roles we play in today's society and somehow manage to get lost in the process.

Depression, Low-Self Esteem, Anger, Fear, Shame, Grief, Despair, Loneliness
Resentment, Uncontrolled irrational thoughts, Feel's inferior, Hatred, Envy, Jealously, Possessive, Self Disgust, Weak Willed.

These are some of the emotions that are carried around inside us, eating away and destroying us from the person we want to be.

Taking responsibility for these feelings and moving through them at your pace, so you can live life feeling great. This will bring you to Self-Empowerment because from this place there is no blaming others for how you act and feel.

Holistic Counselling is a wonderful tool for children as I incorporate Art Therapy so they can express themselves in a creative way which children love to do, they don't always have the words to express themselves when they are young but thru Art they can.

Holistic Counselling is a wonderful modality to take you in the direction that you want to go in life.


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