“I first started seeing Jody as a counsellor in October 2006 for both myself and my two daughters aged 5 and 6, after my wife walked out on us.

My Children saw Jody on a regular basis, roughly every fortnight, and during these visits they built up a tremendous trust with her. Jody used drawing techniques with my children to try and ease their sense of abandonment they felt against their mother. I particulary liked the "thought box" Jody suggested my girls make and use to help them through that traumatic time of their lives.”

S C Brookes

“ I came to see Jody Nicholson as a counsellor in September 2006. I had broken up with/was on a break from my boyfriend of a year. We had separated because he has two children from a previous relationship, and I had never wanted children, be they my own or some else's. I also had alot of issues to do with my father, who was emotionally abusive to me right up until I severed contact with him when I was 21”

L Taylor
Perth, Western Australia

Everyone deserves
the chance to live a full and happy life.

Natural health is the pathway to better living.

Naturopath/Medical Herbalist/Holistic Counsellor

I am often asked what's Herbal Medicine? what does is represent? Herbal Medicine is the use of plant based medicine assisting the body to heal itself, however it also represents a greater field of medicine, encompassing a whole body approach to optimal health.

Many people recognize the value of their health and the complex and subtle workings of their body when it comes to being sick. It is at this time that people strive to learn tools for healthy living and take steps to bring back there health, but health should not be recognized in reference to an absence of disease. Health is not something that should be sought, it is our right to experience, to the highest level that is possible for each person.

The experience of optimal health encompasses not only our physical body, but also involves our diet, past medical history, the state of our environment, the lifestyle we choose to lead, the ever changing flux of our emotions and the ability of our spirit to find expression in this life.

Remember the importance of following knowledge with action. It is not about waiting for the right time to make changes in favor of health, but a matter of taking action now. Make a commitment to health. Create realistic goals and make the experience of optimal health a priority in your life.

Aviva's Belief's - Everyone deserves the chance to live a full and happy life.
Natural health is the pathway to better living. Especially when clients commit to a programme combining the best of physical and emotional natural health counselling.

About Jody

Jody has a diploma of Medical Herbalism and a diploma of Holistic Councelling. Jody studied her diploma of Medical Herbalism at the Australian College of Natural Health and Science ( now operating as the Australian college of Natural Medicine) and then went onto Sophia College, Perth. WA to qualify as a Holistic Counsellor.